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the Water Factories?

Water Factories is a journalistic coverage which investigates the impact and risks in water sources in Colombia. Moreover, it shows how important the communities are for its maintenance and recovery.  

We started this project by narrating the story of the Santurbán cloud forest (or páramo), which you can check out in our coverage section. We want to keep filling out the map with you, while supporting more stories and places.

Join this campaign by supporting the coverage on the Bogotá river, from its birth to its most polluted zone.

Becoming a navigator is simple. Go to our website www.baudoap.com and access the Navigator section, in which you will find the Water Factories campaign. There, you will be able to choose one of three options:

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Make your donation for the production of the second part of Water Factories and become a Navigator. Start your journey on this river of independent information!
By becoming a Navigator, you will get the following benefits:
Your contribution will help give a stage to the stories of Baudó communities, inhabitants and biodiversity of the territories we visit to conduct our independent journalism, and with whom we build horizontal and mutually-supportive bonds.
You will get the official editorial product of the Bogotá River Water Factories.
Subscription to the Baudó PA Newsletter, in which you will get first-hand information along with our coverages, affluents, value content, editorial notes among others.
Travel log videos from the team during the project’s production.
A space to attend our Editorial Council and meet first-hand information from our coverage and the journalistic treatment it is provided. 
Direct communication with the Navigators network, via a WhatsApp group in which interaction and discussion safe spaces will be opened about topics related to the environment, historic memory, peace, conflict, gender and inclusion.
The possibility of sharing valuable information so others can access it, understand different realities and contribute to the construction of a fairer society.
You will be able to connect in different ways to the support activities that will benefit several communities. 
You will receive financial reports of the Bogotá River Water Factories project to guarantee its transparency.

How do you become part of Navigators?

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Become a Navigator
With your contribution, you finance the circulation of information to promote reach, equity and inclusion. This is a non-traditional backing model, we do not use any paywalls because we believe in the transformative power of free and independent information.
If you have any questions, you can contact us via

Navigate with power

50.000Cop o 20Usd

*One-time contribution for Water Factories Part II
*You get the Navigator benefits minus the editorial piece.

Navigate with passion

100.000Cop o 40Usd

*One-time contribution for Water Factories Part II. You get all of the Navigator benefits (including the editorial piece)

- Shipment of the editorial piece to any part of Colombia.
- Does not include the shipment of the editorial piece outside of Colombia. 

Navigate with your own rhythm

150.000Cop + Libre 

Donate more than 150,000 USD and receive all the Navigator benefits plus a Donation Certificate from our Foundation.  

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